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Impakt Focus

When you  purchase an Impakt Bracelet™, 10% of the proceeds go directly to a charitable cause of your choosing. Because there are so many great charitable organizations out there, the area of Impakt Focus has been narrowed to 5 categories; The Environment, Education, Cancer, Hunger and Humanity. 


Impakt on The Environment

Help make our world cleaner and greener. 

Your contribution will help go toward an organization focused on efforts that protects the Earth's resources using smart economics, practical partnerships & rigorous science.

This is achieved by finding practical and lasting solutions to the most serious environmental problems. This includes; Climate, Ocean, Eco-Systems, and Health. 


Impakt on Education

Help to encourage and support our future leaders

Contribute to furthering a child's education through a national non-profit focused on driving student achievement through blended learning, professional development, and family engagement.


Impakt on Cancer

Help fund research to put an end to cancer

Contribute to an organization working to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease, through research, education and advocacy. 

Impakt on Hunger.png

Impakt on Hunger

Help put an end to hunger and starvation

Contribute to an organization focused on distributing food effectively through collaborative efforts that minimize hunger, promote nutrition and encourage self-reliance through education.


Impakt on Humanity.png

Impakt on Humanity

Help the disabled, the abused and the homeless

Provide millions of people around the world access to medicine and supplies.